Best Restaurants - Helsinki - Espoo


Kämp, Yume, Brasserie and all the GLO Hotel restaurants. Also partner restaurants Boathouse, Särkänlinna, Bank, Restaurant Palace .... all of them names which to every Finn signify mouth-watering food, wonderful venues and the best restaurants in Helsinki and Espoo. The Kämp Group restaurants located at the very best spots in Helsinki have for years been the most popular and best-loved places for all those who share a love for tastefully crafted delicacies which are served in intricately designed restaurant locales.Kämp Group restaurants offer the very best regardless of whether you are having an everyday business meeting or a festive dinner with your dearest friends.

Each Kämp Group restaurant has a character of its own, which is conveyed through the food served there, the interior decorations, and, of course, the wonderfully attentive service.

The unequalled atmosphere in the restaurants is created by top professionals whose commitment to delightful and considerate customer service comes from the heart. Kämp Group has pushed the entire restaurant culture in Finland towards a focus on providing the customers with unforgettable experiences. Welcome!


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