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Personal Data File Description

Data File Controller
Berling Capital Ltd
Business ID: 0799293‑8

Porkkalankatu 3
FI‑00180 Helsinki
+358 9 5840 9700

Person Responsible for Data File Matters

Name of the Data File
Customer Register of the Berling Capital Group, containing information about the customer and business traveller visits to the hotels and restaurants of the Kämp Group and the users of the Hotelzon reservation system.

Purpose of Maintaining the Data File
Personal data is collected for the purposes of customer relationship management, customer service, event organisation, and marketing communication. The data is used, for example, in the automatic distribution of bulletins, the SMS messaging service and the newsletter service. Berling Capital Ltd sees to that the principles of the protection of privacy and personal data legislation are followed. The data is processed carefully and in confidence. The users of the Customer Register must sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Purpose of Processing Personal Data (Purpose of the Data File)
The personal data is used, in accordance with the applicable law, for maintaining and managing the customer relationships; for developing, producing, providing and offering services; and for invoicing, debt surveillance and statistical purposes.  In addition, the data is used in advertising and marketing of products and services of Berling Capital Ltd and the companies belonging to the same Group, in market research and in targeting direct marketing to the data subjects. The identification details are used in communications for purposes authorised by law. A data subject has the right to prohibit marketing directed at him/her media-specifically or completely.

Contents of the Data File
The data file may contain the following information:
name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, employer and position of the data subject and/or details of the organisation; employer of the data subject and/or details of the organisation, including the relevant contact details; position, job description and personal areas of interest of the data subject and the customer’s use history.

Regular Sources of Information
Data is acquired directly from the customers over the telephone or by e-mail or, for the purposes of customer relationship management, with the aid of online forms or printable data forms. Furthermore, personal data is acquired from customer events. As regards customer service situations, the telephone conversations may be recorded and other forms of communication, such as e-mails, may be stored. In addition, personal data may be collected and updated from the data files of the product and service distributors of Berling Capital Ltd and the companies in the same Group, the Finnish Population Information System, the direct marketing prohibition register maintained by the Finnish Direct Marketing Association, and other corresponding data files.

Data Disclosure
Data is disclosed to each party concerned only to the extent that is necessary or issued in law. Such disclosure may concern, for example, disclosure of information about a special diet or allergies to restaurants and hotels, release of debit/credit card details to the beneficiary of the payment, etc. Primarily, data is released in the form of technical recordings. No personal data is transferred outside the EU or EEA.

Protection of the Data File
A. Some data in paper form is stored. The paper data forms are destroyed immediately after storing the data.

B. The IT Department is responsible for the user management. The servers are located in Berling Capital’s locked computer room. Berling Capital Group’s IT Director is responsible for the supervision of the system use. User rights to the database are issued only to individually appointed staff members of Berling Capital Group and the IT Department personnel of the parent company Berling Capital Ltd. User ID management is the responsibility of the person responsible for the user IDs, who is a member of Berling Capital’s regular staff.

Right of Access
In accordance with section 26 of the Finnish Personal Data Act (523/1999), each data subject has the right of access to the personal data file in order to check what information concerning the data subject has been recorded in the file. All requests for access must be made in writing and sent signed to the following address:

Berling Capital Ltd
Porkkalankatu 3
FI‑00180 Helsinki

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