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The World of Quality Hotels in Helsinki

Without the Kämp Group hotels, Helsinki would not be what it is.
Each of them has its own distinctive personality which is a part of the city and its history. What they all have in common is the Kämp Group quality.

The Kämp Group hotels are located at the best spots in Helsinki centre. Their luxuriously comfortable rooms and suites are both spacious and stylish, and the restaurant services are unequalled in all of Helsinki. When you visit an original Kämp Group  lifestyle hotel, you will want to come back again and again, both for business and pleasure.

Hotel Kämp, History and More

GLO Hotels - Unique lifestyle hotels

GLO Hotel Helsinki Art
GLO Hotel Helsinki Kluuvi
GLO Hotel Espoo Sello
GLO Hotel Helsinki Airport

Social responsibility and environmental awareness are important themes for Kämp Group hotels. Use our carbon footprint calculator to see how you can affect the energy consumption of your hotel stay.


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